Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. You know the drill.

This week, Oct 6-10, I’m guest blogging for Best American Poetry! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share a few thoughts with a larger audience.

My first post: Welcome to the Poet Party


That being said, I’m doing a ton o' writing this week. I don’t think I can focus on poetry until the weekend. Between the blog post, a book chapter I'm writing (I’m a contributor), and grading, I’m spending a lot of energy—not as efficiently as I would like. I’m OK with that. In fact, it’s been challenging in a good way. Maybe I needed this surge in output to keep me motivated.


The time map is still in effect, but I’m a little off track. Again, if I can get all of my grading done, I should be fine. Much of my day is spent quelling the feeling that I have an overwhelming amount of stuff on my plate. The time map helps me keep it in perspective.

What's the first thing to fall off the list? Exercise, then poetry. *sigh* Hoping to get lots of writing time in this weekend. I'm still sleeping, that's the most important thing,


My baby boy became a pre-teen this past weekend, 11 years old. When the first nurse put his little body in my arms, I thought, “Who is this stranger?” Now, he’s a young man. I spend all this time getting to know him, an in a few years I have to let him go.


Short but sweet today. Have a great week!


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