Misery Islands!

Hello, Misery!

On Monday, I read with the Blacksmith House Poetry Series in Cambridge, and lo and behold, copies of Misery Islands arrived. Yay!

My thanks to Andrea Cohen and Porter Square books for arranging to get books direct from the printer. I had to buy my author copy, which was weird to say the least. I'm just happy Andrea let me know getting the book was even a possibility. Fortunately, Misery will be available for Dodge!


Thanks for CavanKerry Press for supporting book #2! You can preorder copies from CKP's Website
and save 20 percent!


Dodge, baby! I'm out like a scout. I'm headed down to Newark to participate as a reader at the Dodge Poetry Festival. I will try to blog and tweet on the go. And if you're in Newark, please stop by and say hello.



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