Calliope Reading Series

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of reading with the Calliope Reading Series at the West Falmouth Library. Such a wonderful group of poets and poetry lovers on the Cape. I read with Barbara Crooker (far left) and Irene Willis with an open mic after. Our poems seem to complement each other, which makes for a fine reading when that happens. Many thanks to Alice Kociemba for putting us together.

Irene Willis

Barbara Crooker

Alice Kociemba

I brought Alex and Ella with me, which I don't do often when I have to drive more than an hour. It helps that the event was help at a library where they didn't have to sit still. There are no kid pics from the reading because they are SOOOOO over mom and the poetry thing. I made the kids a deal: if they didn't complain about the car ride, I would take them to KFC for a meal. Everybody wins.

Kid pic from the beach:


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