Confession Tuesday

If it's Tuesday in 2017, then it's time to confess.

Thought I would start with a picture of the kids.

Alex is now 13 and Ella is 11. This photos was taken outside of the World of Coke in Atlanta. Yes, there's a World of Coca-Cola. It's delicious. We especially like the tasting room where you can try Coke products from around the world. And yes, Beverly from Italy still takes like fizzy nail polish remover. Never ceases to amaze ...


The kids are back at school, which mean my vacation starts today! WOO HOO!


Public journaling--specifically, blogging--forces me to think about what I will say or do next. What am I teeing up for tomorrow? Where will I put my energy? What is worth sharing? That's what I missed in most of 2016. Maybe it has to do with energy and the lack thereof, but I just wasn't looking ahead beyond the next set of tasks. By December, everything felt like an obligation. Everything was due; therefore, nothing was important.

So blogging is an attempt to gain some perspective and figure out what excites me. Where do I want to put my energy next?

Today, the answer to that question is writing poem #2 for the year.


I'm hopeful that I'll continue to blog regularly, but I can be fickle.


Right now, I'm sitting in Starbucks on a rainy morning, and listening to "Cloudbusting" by Kate Bush.


Nin Andrews said…
Poem number 2? You're amazing.

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