Confession Tuesday

Time to "Poet Up," as Bruno Mars says. Time for confessions.


This artwork is from an exhibit at the ICA Boston. Recognize the phrase?


I don't know how I'm going to get through inauguration week. 

This morning I went on Facebook and finally read this article on what books President Obama reads. Ugh. Then the tears came. Maybe it's dawning on me that our eight years with the Obama family are ending, and that the sense of optimism about where the country was going culturally and economically is gone. I don't hear anyone cheering, especially on the conservative side. 

I'm saddened that we're losing a president who really cares about books. 

And if you care about books, then I have to believe you have an expanded and open world view. You believe we can't get by on the backs of others. You can think critically. You believe in reason and science. 

Trump doesn't get it. 

As an educator starting classes this week, I worry that we will slide backwards as a nation. All of the progress we've made with Women's Rights, LGBTQ issues, people with disabilities, immigration--you name it, it's all going away. For me, that's translated to a certain degree of stability in the classroom. When I stand in front of my students to say everything will be OK, I'm lying. 


The week after Trump was elected, kids in my son's middle school told him and his friend (who is Filipino) that they will be deported. So don't tell me that things aren't changing,


I'm ready to #resist, but I do so while grieving the loss of the current administration. Don't even get me started on Michelle Obama. I'll save that for tomorrow. 



Courage before comfort. #resist


My brother, Josh, has one class where the teacher let's the students write on the whiteboard before the bell rings. The day after the election:

"Josh is getting deported!"

My brother's response: "Does anyone want to come with me?"
January said…
It's crazy, isn't it. Good response from your brother. Let's hope we all stand together and not let this new administration divide us.

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