I will walk every day to get in shape.
I will walk every day to get in shape.
I will walk every day to get in shape.

Every day, I vacillate between performance and excuses. Every day, I have to make a decision about which I will choose for myself.

I can’t bear putting on another pair of shorts that I can’t snap because of baby weight. So it’s just time to do something about it. Change doesn’t happen until I say to myself: I’VE HAD IT, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!

I’m there.

Of course there all those days that I’m on autopilot: going from meeting to meeting, head down at desk, not dinking enough water, not eating as well as I could. And when I do get home, there’s play with kids, make dinner, bathe the kids, get ready for next day, and watch Red Sox in bed wile blogging. Play—Dinner—Bath—Blog. Play—Dinner—Bath—Blog.


I see that old familiar rinse cycle of life washing over me (that was an unfortunate metaphor!). So last night I took my kids out for a walk after dinner. Didn’t want to do it, but I did it. And I lived to tell the tale. I do like spending time with the kids, letting Alex point out every little thing that comes into his field of vision.

So, on this day, I’m not going to focus on the negative. I’m not going to whine about my new “womanly” figure (FYI, most days I’m happy with how I look, but every once in a while, I catch myself in the mirror and remember my “girlish,” flat-tummied self.). Today, I will perform. I’ll put on my sneakers and take control.

Nike, the shoe company, got it right with their ad campaign, just do it.

Today I will live my life with purpose.


Deirdre said…
I needed to read this today. I don't have kids, but have given birth to numerous reasons why I can't go to the gym. While I love having curves I don't like that some of them have landed in the wrong places. There was a time when my belly was not only flat, but concave, and while I don't want to be there again, oh how I'd love to fit back into those size eight jeans that sit at the back of my closet. And have them be just a little loose. BTW, I've decided that there must be some caloric value to blogging, something this yummy can't possibly be fat-free.
January said…
I think as much a we blog, that must burn about 600 calories!

Ugh. Well, Deirdre, I hope you take this day and do something with it that makes you happy.

Kamsin said…
Yes, exercise. I've gone up a dress size in the last six months and I have absolutely no excuse just a weakness for cake. I have a whole wardroe of clothes I can't wear anymore, it can be somewhat despressing. But finding the motivation to exercise, I just don't know where to look for it!
Deb R said…
I'm laughing about the caloric value to blogging. I bet we all have very shapely fingers! LOL!

I am, by nature, the most sedentary person you'd ever hope to meet. All my favorite things are pretty much indoor things, but I walk every day, even when I don't feel like it and I have to say I feel much better since I started doing that (even though I'm still not thin and probably never will be!). I think the trick is to force it until it becomes such a habit that not doing it feels weird - like forgetting to brush your teeth or something.

Best of luck with your new resolve, Jan!
Anonymous said…
Well, darn. Now I feel like I need to get up and do something. ;)

(Does walking to the kitchen for some water count?)
Kay Cooke said…
Now I've got no excuse not to go for a walk - thanks a lot (just kidding!)
January said…
Truth be told, after a 2-hour-and-10-minute commute home and an afternoon of torrential downpours, I did't walk. But I CHOSE to have a Wiggly dance party in the kitchen with my kids. So, it was some form of execise.


"So you put your arms up in the air from side to side ... Romp Bomp a Chomp!"

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