Where is my super suit?

Hello! I'm back from our family vacation in Matunuck, Rhode Island. Every year, we rent a beach house for 22 adults and kids, which never disappoints. But now, the bags are unpacked, the laundry's been put away, the Red Sox are on in the background (I'm hoping they don't give the game away to the Cleveland Indians), and most important, the kids are asleep.

So on vacation, Alex watched the animated film The Incredibles, and now it has become his new favorite movie. That’s fine with me because it’s one of my new faves, too. After seeing it for the fifth time in four days, however, I've come to realize there’s a scene that for me sums up the meaning of motherhood.

Elastigirl (a.k.a. Mrs. Incredible) is flying a jet on her way to save her husband, Mr. Incredible, from himself. Actually, he’s gone off to save the world but neglected to tell his family. So she's going to the bad guy's not-so-secret lair to retrieve her husband. Meanwhile, the two oldest children (Violet, a teenager, and Dash, her precocious younger brother) have stowed away on the flight only to be discovered by Elastigirl.

The jet is targeted by missiles that she can’t outmaneuver. As the missiles hit the plane and they face certain death, Elastigirl turns herself into a giant ball, envelops the kids with her body, and protects them from harm. After the jet explodes, they plummet toward the ocean, but not before Elastigirl turns herself into a parachute and guides them safely into the water.

And isn't that what moms (and dads) do? We think quickly and act fast. We protect our kids at all cost. Elastigirl didn't hesitate to pull her kids close, danger be damned. Many times I have wished I could make myself into a ball or a parachute to absorb the brute force of what life is serving up that day. But I know how to soothe a bruise, kiss away a tear, or give a hug when needed.

Now does that make me a superhero? Absolutely!


Deirdre said…
Mommies absolutely have magic powers. Owwies go away when kissed and everything will be better tomorrow. It's too bad the magic fades when we grow up. The Incredibles is a great movie. I'm a sucker for kids movies.
Kay Cooke said…
Yep - Superheroes and Mums go together like a horse and carriage! Glad you had a great holiday!
BTW Am I right in thinking more Red Sox fans blog than any other team? Is it a nerd's team (excuse my ignorant, foreign interest!)
January said…
CB: I'm not sure if that's true, but Red Sox fans can be found in all corners of the globe--maybe more so that New York Yankees fans. Until 2004, this baseball team was the "underdog" team that could never win a World Series. Now, with one under their belts, we fans are hungry for more.

And I'm happy to say the Red Sox won in grand fashion last night thanks to the "longball" (a home run) by David Ortiz. This team is mythic.
Anonymous said…
You definitely qualify as a SuperMom! Even with all your regular mommy duties, the effort you put in to your work and your writing are superhuman!

Welcome back from vacation.

(I LOVED the Incredibles)
Writer Bug said…
I loved the Incredibles too! It's one of the few DVDs I own. Great post!
claireylove said…
super poet mom - shooting words from her fingers to safely envelope the falling children in a soft landing?
with love from the
violet jaguar ;-)
January said…
BB, I've always wanted to fight crime and get dinner ready on time! I need a cool costume, something tight with go-go boots. No capes, tho.

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