Sunday Scribbling ... on Monday?

What can I say--I took the weekend off so I could goof off with the family.

Anyway, this is what I wrote as a result of the Sunday Scribblings writing challenge. I don't think I'll come back to it but it was fun to stretch myself a bit. I do see a line or two I may reuse. After I wrote my description, I started work on two new poems so it feels like my time was well spent.

Sunday Scribblings at Starbucks

This is where she comes to breathe.
She curls up in the corner
on break from classes at
the nearby college, types notes
on her laptop while reading
Coming to Peace with Science.
She drinks her grande, sighs to
a classmate about her professor,
bob haircut hiding her eyes
as she curls herself into an egg.
Should she drop out?
Should she change classes
turn day into night
and write her life’s story?
“Let me figure out what I have to do next,”
Miss Latte says, “so can move on.”


Emily said…
I love people watching which seems may have inspired this poem...
January said…
Yes, people watching can be great inspiration. Unforunately, this effort is not that good, but I like posting poems that don't always work as well as ones that do.
Kay Cooke said…
This has the feel of a short story about it - or a longer poem maybe? I like to go to cafes and write about what I see and hear around me - one year I did it every day just about and ended up with heaps of material for poems and short stories ... I'd like to do it again but I went and got a car and now don't have the same opportunity to drop into cafes etc while waiting for buses. (Also I put on heaps of weight cos of the coffee and muffins!)
Kristine said…
I love this!
Catherine said…
No cafes for me at the moment because I am trying to take off weight. Whether you think it is good or not, I find that any sort of writing seems to prime the pump and help more ideas come. I enjoyed reading it, I think it has possibilites.
Kamsin said…
This could be me when I lived in Japan (apart from the being a student bit, and the haircut), Starbucks was my refuge and the seen of many a crucial life changing/ decision making conversation! Great poem!
TMTW said…
Delightful use of imagry.
Writer Bug said…
I love the egg line! Very visual. And of course I relate to the college-age struggle of finding what that next thing is! Good job!

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