Getting My Ducks in a Row

(OK, they're Canadian geese, but you get the point.)

Sometimes the only way out is through. So in order to get myself on track, here’s my poetry to-do list for the entire world to see.

This week

  • Prepare for tomorrow's NEWS Reading
  • Write one poem
  • Write next Poetry Thursday article
  • Write article for side project
  • Send poetry out to two publications
  • Research cool side project—more on that later

(I’d do more this week but I have friends visiting from Texas. They’ll join us for the Red Sox-Yankees game on Friday! Woo Hoo!!!)

Next week

  • Write one poem
  • Start prepping to team-teach a seminar at Brookline Adult & Community Education
  • Research publishers/contests to send manuscript
  • Do a minor revision to manuscript—I want to add a few poems to my current collection
  • Research local and regional organizations for grants and fellowships
  • Look into writing a commentary for NPR—this is a dream of mine that I’ve been mulling over for a long time

What's on your to-do list?


Deirdre said…
Your to-do list is much more interesting than mine, which has things like laundry, cleaning the fridge, and bookwork on it. Eeesh.
January said…
That's the to-do list I DON'T publish. Wouldn't want to share my complete distain for housework with everyone!
Anonymous said…
You are cultivating an impressive list of projects and career-builders, my dear. These lists of yours help me to focus on what's important, and rethink my own priorities for the days and weeks ahead.

Thanks for sharing them!
Anonymous said…
yeay geese!
Lisa Cohen said…
I'm so sorry that I won't be able to be at the reading tonight. :( I actually have 2 competing school meetings to attend and I can't be at both of them at the same time, either. Grrrr.

I hope it goes well and I'll be there in spirit.


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