Happy Cinco de Mayo!


I’ve been slow to post since the end of NaPoWriMo. Truth is, I’ve been catching up on my sleep. What I didn’t count on is being a little out of sorts after the experience. For a month, my mission was to write a poem a day. Now, I have to transition back to normalcy. I’m doing those things I let slide, including exercise, spending so extra time with kids, taking to my husband (hee hee hee), and, of course, watching the league-leading Boston Red Sox.

Today, the weather should be gorgeous, 60s and sunny—a good day to take the camera out for photos of the kids. I really think I need to try something new. I’ll have to give that some series thought.

Maybe this will jump-start my May efforts.

May To-Do List

  • Revise April poems
  • Write four poems in May
  • Debrief NEWS reading
  • Prep for next NEWS reading/create fall ’07 schedule
  • Prepare for Super Hoot poetry reading
  • Send out poems to two publications
  • Send out manuscript to one publisher/contest

Other Stuff

  • Budget—this is one area I let slide last month
  • Shop! (Hence, the need for the budget)
  • Get tennis racket restrung/play tennis
  • Prep for upcoming seminar I’m team-teaching with Erin
  • Be more social—invite friends over for dinner

Tonight, my husband and I will sit out in the back yard with margaritas!


Hola January. Beckett. Yes.
Kay Cooke said…
Glad the event went well - you look lovely!
Those margaritas sound irresistable ... mmmm.
January said…
Thanks CB! I just love your new photo. How fun!

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