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If you have ever wanted to start a writers’ group, participate in an open mic, or begin a creative project that’s larger than yourself—do it. Because then will you be treated to a night like I had last night with the NEWS Reading Series. Once again, I am reminded that the most creative, innovative, talented people can be as local as your next door neighbor, or in the next town over, or online.

What can I say? Erin and I were delighted with the work presented by Lisa Cohen, Kevin Carey, and Catherine Hathaway. Below are photos from the event.

Lisa Cohen

Kevin Carey

Catherine Hathaway


Lisa Cohen said…

It was truly a pleasure to read with N*E*W*S yesterday. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

And it must have sent some good vibes to the universe--I got another request for the full manuscript of "House of Many Doors" this afternoon. Yippie!

January said…
Woo hoo! That's great news about your manuscript. I hope this means good things for "House of Many Doors."

Erin and I loved your reading last night. Hope you read with us again.

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