NaBloPoMo 7

The Blue Eye Trick

It wasn’t the glass eye
my history teacher removed
from its socket
as easily as a contact lens,
or that he would slam it on his desk
and warn us that we’d end up like this
if we didn’t settle down,
but how afterward,
in the wake of our astonishment,
he’d pop his blue eye back in
take one, long panoramic view of the class,
and turn back to the blackboard
to continue his lecture on the Middle Ages,
as if nothing ever happened.


Catherine said…
That's quite a trick! This one made me chuckle, a good start to the working week
Jo said…
Wow.......what a weird guy, excellently caught by you.
Kay Cooke said…
I like that! I had an uncle who would leave his eye lying around! :)
paris parfait said…
Wonderful poem! Reminds me of my late grandfather, who had one glass eye.

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