NaBloPoMo 8

(This was a postcard poem I decided to revise.)

Poem for My Since-Born Son

The heart knows who’s in charge
That overworked muscle
Shifting from side to side
A beat inside a beat
A belly inside a belly
This is your water song
Your song of yourself.
You are more than a bag of words,
And bigger the than the imagination can hold.


Anonymous said…
oh wow. I had to re-read that several times. It brought tears to my eyes, remember how it felt to have my daughter crowded up inside of me - when I heard her heartbeat first, felt her kick, hiccup, roll over. Beautiful! I especially like the "water song" part.
Anonymous said…
This feels very Whitman, and I like Whitman, so that's not a bad thing. :) I particularly like "bag of words" for some reason
Anonymous said…
you've taken me back a few (well, more than a few)years - I particularly like the "water song" and "bag of words" and the first line - I think it makes a bridge between the emotional heart and the physical heart. Few words packed with the very specific and wondrous experience of carrying a child.
January said…
Admittedly, it is Whitmanesque. This is just the start of a poem that may evolve into something more.

Thanks for the kind words.

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