Inventing Situations

Happy New Year, folks! 

I'm starting 2015 with a poem published in the latest issue of American Poetry Review (APR)! I don't subscribe to many journals, but APR has been been coming to my mailbox since before my children were born. It's taken me that long to get in, so it feels great that my poem "At Wolf Hollow" found its way into their pages--in the Jan/Feb issue no less. 

Happy to be included with John Skoyles, Alex Dimitrov, Beth Bachmann and many others. 


Also, if you notice my January poetry count, I've written my first poem of the year. I'm doing another poem-a-day challenge with a group of friends. Of course, it's day 3 so I'm now two poems behind. It's 5 a.m. and I'm up listening to Talking Heads of all things trying to bring the count to even. Here's hoping David Byrne's strange and beautiful voice brings something out in me. 


Title of this post comes from the Talking Heads' song " Found a Job" from More Songs about Buildings and Food.


Jennifer said…
Congratulations on the APR publication!
Thomas D said…
Yes, congratulations!

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