Confession Tuesday

I had much more to confess last night than I do today!


Our day care provider needed to complete some home repairs in December (it's a home day care), so we've had the kids most of the month, and it's been extremely stressful. The kids are out of their routines, Tim and I are juggling schedules, and since it's so cold we can't get them out of the house as much as we'd like. Fortunately, I think they can go back next week, and then my parents arrive the following week for Christmas. Extra hands make light work.


Still waiting on an important piece of mail before I can share my good news. I've been waiting since October so I'm a little frustrated. I mean, this is a huge secret and I can't share it—not even on Confession Tuesday.


I've spent the last two days reading blogs for inspiration—there are a lot of wonderful musings happening in the space of a blog post. I feel like blogging is this wonderful gift that only a small number of us knows or cares about. I'd like to keep it that way.


With the holidays around the corner, I've found it difficult to focus on writing. I would like to write 3 more poems before the end of the year. So I'll hunker down and post something soon.


I'm thinking about investing in a Poet's Market book for 2008. I haven't owned one since the early '90s, and with submission information so readily available online, I haven't needed one. Now I'm also applying for grants, but I haven't found one great source of grants and submission info targeted to writers. Does anyone have a recent edition or have any suggestions here?


I could go for a big bowl of chocolate ice cream right now.





susan said…
I don't have the link handy but google the Virginia Wolfe grant. It's 50k. And they ask for a lot just shy of your first born. But, for that kind of money, they have a right to ask for plenty. I hope to write for it myself but I have so little confidence that I'm a viable candidate. Anywhoo, check it out.
PDW said…
CONFESSION: i'm dying for that piece of mail to come so i can hear all about the secret. details. if you're busting to tell, you could email me. but only if you're busting. and only if you can't stand it anymore.

did i mention you could email me? :)

Writer bug said…
Wow--you win the prize for bloggin despite not having day care! And what a month to add anything else to your plate! Def eat that ice cream. :)
Goodnight, Mom said…

I have to say, I love confession Tuesday. I could go for a big bowl of ice cream!
Go on over to Tammy's at Daily Warrior. She's got peppermint hot fudge thingys!
Ananda said…
blessings sistalove. i love your confession tuesday. authentic soultry... sharing from your soul makes it poetry for me. i will think about your request for grants and send some things when i get the light bulb moment and/or emails with grant info. sending you and your family love and light as you navigate the childcare changes and holidays. i look foward to your good news coming the mail and the new poems blooming in your creative garden. peace and poetry, ananda
Rethabile said…
So what's the secret? C'mon Sis, give...

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