Friday, June 05, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Picture of Ella taken yesterday morning. My baby starts pre-K in the fall. *sigh*


Was feeling anxious today about life so I decided to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert's Ted Talk on creativity. I needed that. Her words have a centering affect on me. The talk gave me the encouragement to knock a few things off my poetry to-do list.


Sent poems to The Mom Egg, Anti-, The Florida Review, and The Sun Magazine. Woo hoo!


Tomorrow, I'll spend a good chunk of time looking at manuscript #2. Need to go through this batch and weed out the poems I won't revise in this round. And, the poems are begging for some sort of order.


Lots of poetry on tap this weekend, including attending an open mike at the Salem Arts Festival. That should be fun. Sometimes I just like to watch! (wink! wink!) Pictures to come.


Tonight for dinner—sushi!


caroleesherwood said...

i love hearing that you listen to elizabeth gilbert when you're feeling anxious. i listen to natalie goldberg's talk "zen howl" when i'm feeling anxious. :) it calms me right down. fascinating!

congrats on the submissions. i'm working on the ms. (#1) this weekend, as well.

January said...

Yea! So happy you're sending out your manuscript. Now that's worth celebrating.

Collin Kelley said...

You are the submission queen!


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