Confession Tuesday

Iron Ella

Happy first Tuesday in June! Time to break out the sunblock and bare all. Share a little of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.


I mentioned this on Facebook but it doesn't seem official until I do it here. Salem State University has hired me as a full-time assistant professor tenure track! Yahoo! I was full-time temp before, so this is huge. Can't thank Salem State enough for the vote of confidence after going through a national search. Woo hoo!

Also, and something I did not know until last week, I have this summer off. Last year, I worked with the fine folks at SSU's Center for Creative and Performing Arts. I really enjoyed my time there and thought for sure I would be back. But I do not have to work this summer, which is terrific. I have been working steadily year-round since I was 16 years old.


Can I tell you I'm a little freaked out about having the summer off. Teachers, what do you do with your time?


See my daughter up there in the photo? We have declared this summer the Summer o' Fun. Lots of goofing off and kid time ahead of us.

Actually, since the weather has warmed up we've had a really fun time lately. My son's baseball team is well-placed to go to the playoffs, and there's a possibility Alex could be picked for the All-Star team. Alex also was part of a citywide music performance last week playing the viola. Not to be outdone, Ella's kicking butt in Tae Kwondo. I'm going to get her involved in music and dance this summer because that's her passion.

As for me, I've been writing like a mad fool--so much so that I have to get organized and plot out the next one or two projects. I'm also looking into getting another MFA or trying my hand at a PhD.


Guess I can share this now. I've been invited to attend not one but two writing retreats this summer!

I received a scholarship to attend a weeklong workshop with Marie Howe at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown! Looking forward to the session: Breaking Through: A Generative Writing Workshop. Once I nail down child care and a place to stay, I'm in. Thanks, FAWC.

And then the following week, I will be at Millay Colony with a few friends for a week of writing and intense focus. The timing couldn't be better--a week of generative writing, with a week of writing and revision in the middle of summer.


Feels like the universe is opening up in new and fantastic ways. I'm feeling extremely blessed.


As good as things have been lately, the past has a way of bringing me back to earth. It's hard taking the high road all the time. Sometimes people need a good ol' fashion smackdown. But the kids and I are on a path, happy and healthy, and surrounded by friends and family who only want the best for us.

Maybe the high road isn't so bad.


Saturday, I left my driver's licence at the beach while registering for my annual parking pass. And on Sunday, early morning, a good Samaritan dropped it in my mailbox. Yes, the universe is looking out for me.


Anonymous said…
Just a BIG HOORAY for everything here - summers off to smack downs to play time and writing.
Tressa said…
Congrats on it all!
Susan Rich said…
Congratulations, Jan! SO many gifts from the universe to you and all of them well deserved! I'd love to think about some readings for us when our new books come out. 2014 will be here so soon --
Much love,
January said…
Thanks, everyone!

Susan, Yes! Absolutely. We have to find a way to get to Hawaii together!

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