Improbable Places Poetry Tour at Beverly Arts Fest

It's rare these days that I get nervous before a poetry reading. But I have to admit I was freaking out in the hours on Saturday leading up to the poetry and jazz reading for the Improbable Places Poetry Tour.

Let me first say that this is one of the best events I've ever been a part of. You know those types of readings--the ones when you know instantly you're a part of something special. It was the kind of event that reminded me why I'm a poet. All credit goes to the beautiful, talented, gardenia-wearing Colleen Michaels! This was the last stop of the poetry tour for the season; she had the vision to connect it to the Beverly Arts Festival. Fortunately, the stars aligned and the weather cooperated.

Also, let me say that it never occurred to me to ever work with musical accompaniment. Never.  Not sure why that is since music is a cornerstone in my life. But this time around I worked with Aidan Scrimegour on arrangements for three poems.

Two of the three poems had musical references to Annie Lennox and The Beatles. The third and last poem was more improv, definitely blues inspired. After just one rehearsal, we managed to put something together that worked. And I didn't screw things up too much! These poems were new and still required a little tinkering, but it was fun putting them out into the world this way.

This is possibly the best moment of the day, when Colleen and her drummer-hubby Chris did their best White Stripes impressions. Her smile is infectious.

When the video becomes available, I will post. The event surpassed all expectations. Stepping out of my comfort zone was just what I needed to kick off the summer.


Tressa said…
Looking forward to the video!

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