Get Lucky

The kids have been out of town for a few days. Whenever they are away, I always feel out of sorts. They define my day--who needs lunch, who needs to go where after school, who has a playdate with whom. As much free time as I not just need but require, I am rudderless without them.


It's times like this when a to-do list is useless for me. There's no sense of urgency. When I have all the time in the world, I procrastinate--which is not a bad thing. Sometimes I hide behind tasks to avoid writing, which I consider my real work. That's what I'm doing now: hiding from real work. The warm weather is not helping. 

The kids come back Sunday afternoon, so my sense of urgency will return tomorrow morning, I'm sure. Hoping to jumpstart my writing tonight.

What's the first item on my to-do list? What's the thing I've put off all week? Going to the gym and getting back into a workout routine. Bleck.


This past Thursday, Mass Poetry held its fundraiser at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Robert Pinsky, Gail Mazur, and Maggie Dietz read their favorite poems on a rainy evening to a crowd of about 100 people. It was just lovely! There was just a good feeling in the room. What a great night for our little grassroots effort! We are most grateful for the support.

Whenever I think we can't possibly raise money for poetry, I am always proven wrong. Always.


Today, I am doing something I have never done before: read my poetry with musical accompaniment.  

At this year's Beverly Arts Fest, The Improbable Places Poetry Tour, hosted by Colleen Michaels, happens at Chianti Jazz Lounge: Saturday, June 15, 2 p.m., 285 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA.

I will be sharing the stage with Aidan Scrimgeour, musical prodigy and this year's valedictorian at Salem High School. We're performing three poems set to music. Check out the other performances by Kevin Carey, J.D. Scrimgeour (Aidan's dad), and others reading during the open mic.

I'm told that the drink menu at Chianti's now feature a Tom (Billy) Collins and an Elizabeth Bishop Sidecar.


So I love, love, love Daft Punk and "Get Lucky." And I love this ultimate dance video version found at Huff Post. (Thanks Jill McD for posting on FB.)

I'm also enamored and slightly creeped out by this version featuring male fashion models.


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