Photos from Millay

Quite the contrast from Provincetown. Just as lovely and unique. And productive. Taking a tour of Edna St. Vincent Millay's home and writing cabin tomorrow. 

These photos are of the main house, the Steepletop barn (one of the first pre-fab kits designed by Sears & Roebuck), and surrounding grounds.  


If you happen to read this before your tour - and if you happen to bump into the Director there at Steepletop (I believe his name is Peter) please tell him I remember the tour he gave me this Spring and it always brings tears to my eyes. Remind him, I am the woman from California whose daughter goes to Smith College who continually cried on the one-on-one tour early last Spring. It was the most memorable tour I have ever been on... oh, enjoy your stay... I'll be back!!

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