Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, unless you work for the government or were planning on visiting the Statue of Liberty.

On to confessions ...


This past week has been a productive one. I finished a grant application, gave back about 100 graded papers and poems to my students, and managed not to stress out about not writing that much. Feel like I have balance this week. Hope I can sustain it a little longer.


Current read: Franz Wright's F. Really enjoying this collection, which is a mix of traditional poems, prose poems, and a long poem at the middle. It's a bold book, meditative at the end of a life. Very, very sad.

I've also been reading Best American Poetry 2013, guest edited by Denise Duhamel. She's made some nice pics, poems with absolutely absorb me. Most of the poems lean toward narrative, which is my sweet spot. Terrific.


To-Do List

1. Start working with publisher on second manuscript
2. Revise three poems
3. Submit poems out to two journals
4. Keep desk clean
5. Finish reading the non-fiction book I've put aside for three weeks
6. Begin Juno project. Again.
7. Read friend's manuscript
8. Let go of guilt for not posting this confession on Tuesday


Tressa said…
It's not Tuesday?....
January said…
Every day feels like Tuesday to me. :)

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