Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Tuesday! You know the drill.

Last week was the first week, I believe, that I didn't post on a Tuesday. Ugh. I felt bad about that. And then Thursday rolled around but I couldn't bring myself to post a late post. So forgive me, reader. I needed a blog vacation.

But the truth is I missed this blog, which serves as a room of my own, so to speak, when the poems aren’t coming or I’m just feeling empty. If I can’t keep up with the blog, it means that some other part of my life has taken over. Last week, grading Comp 1 papers and Mass Poetry work took over. But this is the week where I pull back and try to get a little more balance.

Two words: Red Sox. Need I say more?


When I don't write a post, my mom calls me up and asks, "Is everything OK?


Have I been writing this week? No, not really. But I just wrote a new poem today which came to me out of the blue. Sometimes writing is a struggle, but this one was a gift.

Strangely enough, I am as connected as I was over the summer. I am locked and loaded (much like David Ortiz from my beloved Red Sox). These days, I know that if I sit down long enough, I will tap into myself and write something. It may be a shitty first draft, but showing up is half the battle.


That reference to shitty first drafts is reference to the Anne Lamott essay “Shitty First Drafts,” which I share with my creative writing students every semester. It’s from her book Bird by Bird, one of my touchstones. In looking up Anne Lamott online, I found a documentary on her called Bird by Bird. It’s terrific. If you get a chance to see it, it will inspire you to “just show up” and write on those days when you’re rather do anything else but write.


It’s NaNoWriMo time, which means is NaPoWriMo time for me. Yet again, I will attempt the 30 poems in 30 days challenge in November. This time, I feel I can do it. (All the other times I said I would do it, I know I couldn't finish.) But now I’m in the flow. I want to do it. And it I can’t, or don't, that’s OK. I have stopped forgiving myself for things that do need forgiveness. 


Tressa said…
Good luck with NaNoWriMo and see you in a month!

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