Confession Tuesday

If it's Tuesday, It's time for your confessions! Share a little of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

This past weekend, I spent the weekend in Gloucester, MA, at Morning Gardens. (See photos in previous post).

I have been there before with Jennifer Jean. We would get away at least once a year for about 30 hours to write and reflect on our writing projects. But this time, she opened it up to others as a full-fledged writers retreat.

Most days, I write whenever and wherever I can: in the bed in the mornings, at Starbucks or the campus library in the afternoons, or at the dining room table after the kids go to bed. So changing the venue always works wonders as a motivator for me. Also, it’s just nice to meet fellow writers, talk about their projects, which poets and journals they like to read, etc. And yet, my needs this time around were different. I didn't need to get into the flow because I'm already there--I've been riding this wave of productivity since the summer. My mission was to get things crossed off my to-do list, which I did.

Thanks to Jennifer Jean and all of the Morning Gardens writers for their time and talent.


Later today, I'm making a classroom appearance at Southern Connecticut State University, and reading on campus tonight at 8 p.m. Looking forward to spending time with Vivian Shipley and her students.


To-Do List

(Just because I knocked a few things off the list doesn't mean I'm in the clear. Oh, no. Far from it.)

1. Revise two poem drafts
2. Fill out one grant application
3. Submit one proposal

I need to do all of this before I take off for SCSU.


Special thanks to Nin Andrews for submitting two of my poems for a Pushcart Prize. Thanks, Nin! The poems originally appeared in Poets and Artists magazine.


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