Mom Egg Mayhem!

Please join us for Mass. Mayhem!

Mom Egg Review Reading at Červená Barva Press Studio 
Saturday, November 2 
1:30 PM 
The Center For The Arts At The Armory Basement Room B8 
191 Highland Avenue Somerville, MA 

Admission $3 Facebook 


Featured Readers:

Carol Berg
Louise Berliner
Debbie Blicher
Fay Chiang
Lori Desrosiers
Kathy Handley
Jennifer Jean
Danielle Jones-Pruett
Dorian Kotsiopoulos
Aparna Mani
Tara Masih
Colleen Michaels
Jaqui Morton
January G. O'Neil
Eve Packer
Kyle Potvin
Denise Provost
Laura Rodley
Rosie Rosensweig
Nancy Vona

emcee: Marjorie Tesser

Hope to see you there! And check out the Mom Egg Review.


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