Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. You know the drill.

This afternoon I was at my afternoon perch at Starbucks. The staff knows me by name, is that a good thing?


A shout out to all of my friends in the Southeast staying home from school or work because of the deep freeze. I'm thinking of my parents in Norfolk, VA. The Tidewater area will see 8-12 inches of snow. Yikes. Won't be long before all of North America looks like New England. 


Have you ever had that feeling of being on the verge of a cold? Well, I feel I'm on the verge of a rut. Not sure how it snuck up on me. Up until last week, I had been revising poems but not writing, working out, and kid focused. But just as the polar vortex swept in, my workload went to another level.  My inbox should be condemned.  

At some point I started to put everything else in front of writing. When that happens, my shoulders begin to stiffen. I can physically feel myself getting tense. I'm hoping I can shake the feeling in the next day or so. If I had a cough, I'd load up on OJ and hot tea with lemon. Here's hoping a few good nights of sleep and early morning writing sessions do the trick.


I'm reading Manage Your Day-To-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind, edited by Jocelyn Glei. It's a collection of articles on creativity and productivity by the folks at 99U. I like the no-nonsense approach that seems to be the theme throughout. Already I can see things I had been doing unconsciously that I stopped doing about a week ago:

  • Block out time to write and stick to it
  • Stop answering emails/log off social media while working
  • Work during your peak time (for me that's before noon)
  • Exercise
  • Do something every day to honor your craft
When I was doing them most of the time I was happier. Now, my shoulders ache. 

I'm not complaining. I just trying to motivate myself to get back into the flow.


Stay warm, folks.   


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