Confession Tuesday

Happy 2014!

This is a photo from last Thursday, the day before the blizzard of 2014, as I like to call it. By Friday, we had 15 inches of snow on the ground. On Saturday, the temperature had dropped to -6. Yesterday, it was 55 degrees and rainy, which melted most of the snow.

Currently, it's 15 degrees but feels much colder.

What is the universe trying to tell us with this wacky weather? I'm ready for summer, aren't you?


The kids are back and school, which means I've jumped right back into the day to day. Many things to do surrounding the Mass Poetry Festival. And, I'll go back to teaching next Friday, so there's much prep work to be done. At least for the next few days, I can work on revising drafts and submitting poems for publication.


No poems written for this year yet. Sigh.


A short post today. Sometimes my blog posts equal a method of procrastination. Today is such a day. Time to work.


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