Kibbles and Bits

This past week was busier than I anticipated. Post Dodge, my return to normalcy has been about student advising and registration for next semester's classes. I'm pooped. But now that All Hallow's Eve has passed, I can focus on Misery Islands as well as planning the next Mass Poetry Festival.


Speaking of Misery, looks like Misery Islands will be delayed at the printer another week. *sigh* Tom Petty was right: the waiting is the hardest part.


In case you missed it, Nin Andrews wrote a great piece for Best American Poetry on the frustrations of marketing a poetry collection. 


I'm going to write a poem a day in November. What's that all about?


The photo above was taken earlier this week at Starbucks. Today I'm at home with the kids dreaming at Starbucks. There's a chance of snow in the forecast, so I'm hoping the kids and I can settle in and relax after begging for candy (a.k.a. trick or treating) throughout the neighborhood. 

Here's hoping I can get an hour on the couch with one of these titles.

Happy Saturday, folks.


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