Exquisite Corpse Poem

For all those who contributed, a thank-you and a big, wet sloppy kiss! We'll have to do it again sometime.

Here's the original post about Exquisite Corpse. I took a few liberties trying to make it work as a poem, but if someone wants to try their own spin on these lines, have at it!

Cialis Blues

He came this minute, a blurred gray shape
roaring out of a dive, out on the lawn
I heard such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed
to see what was the matter.

My expensive fake penis
doesn't work
when the one you love
is 72.8% water.

An attitude of unattachment
was essential to existence
in liminality.
He had Scottsdale-type snobby girls in mind.

He had drained the cup of gloom:
it filled anew.
Alas, the penis was for use
in continental U.S. only.

This unusual and free exhibition
fuses graffiti and calligraphy
in a contemporary style
dubbed “urban Islamic art.”

As the lights start to dim,
noise from the crowd
quickly turns
to silence.


Emily said…
well done! it's amazing how you wove all those phrases together...
Writer Bug said…
I agree with ecm! You made art out of chaos. Amazing!

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