Happy Thanksgiving

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, how did you spend your Turkey Day?

My day started with, believe it or not, a workout. The "me" of a year ago would have rolled over and gone back to sleep. But after getting the kids ready for the day, I got in a quickie. You'd be surprised how many people were at the gym at 9 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. Is that sad or admirable? I haven't decided yet.

Anyway, we spent the day with my husband's family. Twenty-five adults and kids got together for the occasion. Conversations flowed, bellies filled, and glasses emptied.

And the Dom? That was an added bonus due to an extra special family event earlier in the week. It is, by far, the best champagne I've ever had.

Hope you had a great holiday, and will enjoy a few days of rest, relaxation, and shopping!


mareymercy said…
I've had to learn how to have a sense of humor about family gatherings. But still, I keep the stories as quiet as possible.
paris parfait said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful day. And bubbly always helps! :)
Anonymous said…
Hey January! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I usually read your blog via Bloglines feed, but for some reason, your feed is stuck on November 16! Did you turn it off, maybe? I've had this happen with one other Blogger feed, so maybe it's Blogger. Anyway, came by in person to catch up! You've been very busy. Keep it up. All best, Nic

PS Very Like A Whale has moved, new URL included. N
January said…
Nic, I'll check into Bloglines but honestly I don't know how to fix stuff like that. I'll check things on my end just to make sure.

I've updated the link--can't wait to check out your new blog!

Anonymous said…
Who knows what it is with Bloglines -- I found your RSS feed, that seems to be working fine! I don't understand much about these techy matters either. Cheers, Nic

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