Soundtrack of My Life

I tagged myself for this meme from Kristine's blog. The timing is perfect because I have I Love the 70s: Vol. II on in the background. My iPod has more than 1,100 songs on it so this should be good.

If my life had a soundtrack, what would the music be?

Here's how it works:

1. open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that's playing
5. new question-- press the next button
6. don't lie and try to pretend you're cool

opening credits:
No Other Way, Jack Johnson

waking up:
Never Say Never, Romeo Void
("I might like you better if we slept together." Classic.)

first day at school:
Come on to My House, Rosemary Clooney

falling in love:
All in Love Is Fair, Stevie Wonder

breaking up:
Califonication, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sex Bomb, Tom Jones
(Okay, this song is pure cheese, but I love it!)

life's okay:
Fighter, Christina Aguilera

mental breakdown:
Strawberry Letter 22, The Brothers Johnson

Bust A Move, Young MC

Golden Years, David Bowie

getting back together:
Is There Something I Should Know, Duran Duran

Best of My Love, The Emotions
("Devastating love and affection..." Go head on withcha bad self!)

birth of child:
Rollout, Ludacris

final battle:
Reflection, Prince

death scene:
Whispers and Moans, Crowded House
("When I wake up in your room, to share one piece of your life, when tomorrow comes we may not be here at all, without your whispers and moans.")

funeral song:
Remember the Time, Michael Jackson

end credits:
Digging in the Dirt, Peter Gabriel

I'm just thankful The Wiggles didn't come up in the shuffle. This may be more revealing about my personality than any poem I've posted on the blog.

I may have to go back and post a cool version and choose songs for the categories.

This was fun.


Kristine said…
You have some great songs on your ipod. I might just need to do some music shopping. You've inspired me!
jz said…
I wish I had an i-pod.
claireylove said…
Imagine if the death scene came up as The Wiggles - oh the indignity!
as for your actual list...
getting back together:
Is There Something I Should Know? Duran Duran
There's something in that don't, you think? x
mareymercy said…
I may try this one! Cool!
la vie en rose said…
it's fun things like this that make me wish i owned an i-pod...
Anonymous said…


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