A Special Christmas Box *Uncensored Ve

This video is not for the easily offended.

A few weeks ago, Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live and performed this skit with lots of bleeps, so SNL decided to release it on YouTube. Currently, it is the #13 most-watched video in YouTube's history according to MediaBistro.



Deb R said…
I think that song is hilarious and it's a total earworm. I've found myself singing it on and off for a week now.

Hope you have a wonderful new year, Jan!
January said…
It's a catchy tune. I love how committed Justin Timberlake and the SNL crew are to the song.

Happy New Year to you, too, Deb!
Emily said…
Very funny! Happy, happy new year to you!
Susannah Conway said…
Pink Granite said…
The 20 & 30 something aged members of our family were talking about this Christmas Day. :-) Thanks for the opportunity to see it uncensored and to laugh out loud! - Lee

P.S. I enjoy the words and images you post on your blog!
Dani In NC said…
That video is hilarious! I watched it on another blog and couldn't wait to show it to my husband. It is SO reminiscent of those early-90s "quiet storm"-type videos. The video is funny without any context, but it is even funnier if you are black woman of a certain age who remembers spending Saturday nights on the couch watching midnight video shows that featured this kind of video.

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