Sunday Scribblings: Anticipation

(Who says I'm not crafty! Hee! Hee! Hee!)

It's hard not to get anxious this time of year. I'm a big kid at heart, so this time of year brings out all of the family traditions for the Christmas season.

After Tuesday, I'm on vacation until 2007 (boy, I like how that sounds). Then my parents arrive from Virginia to spend the week with us. I'm fortunate that they are retired and are able to travel. We see them a few times a year, but wish it could be more. I'll spend the week finishing up the Christmas shopping, deciding what to make for Christmas night dinner (I think I'm deep-frying a turkey), and seeing Tim's family over during the course of the week.

What I most anticipate is watching Alex and Ella open their presents on Christmas day. My parents have shipped seven boxes to my house so they can avoid packing gifts. Seven boxes?!? Believe it or not, we're trying to keep a lid on the amount of presents we exchange. Since my parents only get to see the kids a few times a year, I don't mind their generosity at all.

Also, I'm looking to spending quality time with my husband, good food, good friends, and documenting it all with pictures and words on the blog.

Ho! Ho! Ho! And happy Sunday Scribblings.


ren powell said…
Have a wonderful vacation! Thanks for sharing your anticipation- it's inspiring.
I hope you have a beautiful holiday--I am anticipating my kids' reactions eagerly myself! It really does add to the magic, doesn't it?
Dani In NC said…
Sounds like the All-American holiday with the best values in place. Enjoy!
mareymercy said…
Sounds lovely. I too am looking forward to some time off!
Anonymous said…
I hope your Christmas is all those things and more. Joyeux Noel to you and your family. Enjoy your time off - you deserve it! xo
Julie said…
Your home sounds like a wonderful place to be over the Christmas holiday! And I'm so jealous that you will be off work (our company does not allow vacation time during the month of November and has cut the extra day that swings with either Christmas or New Year's Day and moved it to a floater holiday in 2007).

Eat up all those fun moments with Alex and Ella and takes lots of pictures.
Kristine said…
Sounds like it will be a good time for all... Cute ornaments!
twilightspider said…
What a great holiday plan to anticipate. Have a wonderful time!
Kamsin said…
Deep frying a turkey?! Is that even possible?! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and I can't wait to see photos of your kids excited and happy faces as they open all those presents!

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