Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks.

Here we are, the last Confession Tuesday of 2011. Let’s make every word count!

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays. My parents have been here for a few days; it’s been nice spending time with them and watching them play with the kids. We tend to do a lot of prep work before the holidays so I'm wiped out. Now I’m hoping to slow down and really enjoy this time with family and friends.

I want to spend the last week of the year living in the moment. I want to be present with the people who truly matter.


This time last year, I was digging out of a massive snow storm along with the rest of New England. But in December the temp has hovered in the mid-40s. Go figure. Let’s hope the mild weather continues. No one has been more disappointed than my daughter, however, who wished for a white Christmas. I, for one, am thrilled I'm not firing up the snow blower.


Poetry? What’s that? Yeah, it’s been that kind of a week. Looks like I’ll end the year with 38 poems, which is nowhere near the poem-a-week pace I set out for myself last January. Oh well, that’s what the new year is for—to start fresh and begin again.

Also in 2011, I will finish the year with less than 300 blog posts. At some point, I made a conscious effort to post less and to not explain myself. Yet, I’ve never missed a Confession Tuesday.


Last To-Do List for 2011
  1. Write one poem
  2. Send out two submissions
  3. Clean office and basement
  4. Get organized around Mass Poetry
  5. Write end-of-year blog posts


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