Writing My Way Home ... Again

Today I am off to a weekend writers’ retreat called Writing Your Way Home: A Poetry Weekend Intensive. Located at an an English Manor House in Mendham, NJ, the workshops are run by Laura Boss and Maria Mazziotti Gillan. Woo hoo!

The purpose of this retreat is to give writers the space and time to focus totally on their own work in a serene and beautiful setting away from the pressures and distractions of daily life.
This time around, there will be five of us from the Salem Writers Group attending (read: road trip!). Looking forward to hanging out with my poet friends in this idyllic setting.

I wish I could attend a weeklong class or retreat to do a deep dive into my work, but being a single parent makes it difficult to leave home for even a week. So this little getaway will help me center myself, especially with the holidays upon us. I attended last year and felt renewed and rejuvenated. Now if there was a spa on site that would be perfect!


I need this weekend like I need plasma.


Nin Andrews said…
I wish I were there with you! It sounds so amazing. I love Maria. Keep me posted if you go next year!

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