Blink Your Eyes

I picked up a new edition of a textbook I'm using in a fall creative writing class and came across Sekou Sundiata's poem, "Blink Your Eyes." I haven't read the poem in a while, even longer since I thought about Sekou's passing. A lovely man--such as loss.

In light of the Trayvon Martin verdict, and now stop and frisk laws in the news, I was struck by how many of us (and by "us," I mean people of color) have poems about being presumed guilty. I have my own takes on the subject in each of my collections.

Here's video of Sekou's beautiful poem. Also, here's the text of the poem. You gain a real appreciation of his talent for performance when you look at the words vs. the video.


Sandy Longhorn said…
I fell in love with this poem and Sekou Sundiata via Bill Moyers. I play the recording for my creative writing students every semester. Never forgotten.
January said…
Me, too. Wonder what Sekou would have said/written about this time in our nation's history. *sigh*
Chong said…
This is fantastic!

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