Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. You know the drill.

I'm writing again at the end of the day, which I planned this time around. I'm seeing what blogging at different hours does to my work.

I'm feeling the time crunch because the kids go back to school. We're trying to fit in a lot of last-minute summer plans, which is great, but leaves little time for writing. But I am trying. Still writing a few observations a day. Still finding time to revise poems while working on new stuff.


I have four new poems in Poets and Artists. Thanks to Nin Andrews for selecting my work.


Just downloaded The Language of Life audiobooks from iTunes. Was feeling a bit nostalgic at the time of purchase.


Poetry To-do List

1.  Apply for two grants
2.  Write two poems
3.  Send out two two publications
4. Continue to revise new poems

A short list this week.


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