Confession Tuesday

 Happy Tuesday ... Eh Wednesday!

Since I've been back from my two writing retreats, I've been in mom mode ever since. A birthday party for my baby girl (who is no longer a baby, *sigh*), a trip to Six Flags, a zoo, and summer camp--I am in the middle of it all. Being back, I really appreciate how time and silence can fortify you for anything. Now, the question becomes how can I keep a part of this summer with me always.


Good news is that I feel as if I can tap into that part of myself at any time. The key is finding a block of time where I am not watching the clock. I may go back to writing at 4 a.m., which will give me two hours before my daughter wakes up. For now, I've scribbled four drafts since my return. They're just waiting for me to spend a little time with them. Soon, very soon.


My kids go back to school the last week of August. Where did the summer go?


I'm back on campus today. Lots of construction and summer upgrades happening at a rapid pace. Our students return September 4, and I have a few meetings on campus this week. Can I please have one more month of summer? I'm not ready to go back just yet.



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