Huffington Poet: Susan Rich

The fabulous Hannah Stephenson has a mini-profile of the equally fabulous Susan Rich at Huff Post. Susan's latest poetry collection is Cloud Pharmacy. Here's an excerpt.

"And so the story goes. Eventually my own life crossed the border from working class rentals into the middle class. At 19, I left for England to study abroad and dropped out of college to travel. Eventually, with the support of student loans, umpteen waitressing jobs, the Peace Corps, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Amnesty International and the Fulbright Foundation, I would work in 7 countries from Bosnia Herzegovina to Gaza and the West Bank. Eventually.

"Perhaps this is why my poems like to travel. The idea of staying in one country, on one continent is antithetical to my experience. Eventually everything changes. This "e" word covers so many erasures, bus rides, cheap apartments, lost cats, spaghetti dinners, and heartbreaks. Eventually."   ~ Susan Rich

Read a few of Susan's poems, and go buy this lovely collection.

(In case you missed it, here's Hannan's mini-profile on me.)


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