A Little Help from My Friends

I’m so excited that Rewilding, my third collection with CavanKerry Press, has been in the world for almost two months and so far, the early reviews are good. And by reviews, I mean “likes,” blog posts, pictures, and quoted lines—which feels like a virtual hug!
But it’s challenging for an indie poetry book to get any attention these days. That’s why I’m asking for your help. My goal is to generate more interest in Rewilding to ring in 2019.
Here’s what you can do to help as we celebrate the New Year.  

1.       Buy the book as a gift—for yourself or a friend! (it’s 20% off at CavanKerry Press) 
2.       Post a picture of the cover on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (and tag me!)
3.       Quote a line or stanza from one of my poems on social media
4.       Ask your local library to order a copy
5.       Write a mini review on Amazon*, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, blogs, newsletters, etc. Even a few kind words will make a difference.
6.       Let me know of any opportunities to find new audiences (websites, reading venues, bookstores, classrooms, etc.)

*As of 12/27, Amazon says it’s out of print. It may be sold out (!), but it is definitely available from CavanKerry Press.

Thank you to those who have gone the extra mile already. I really do appreciate it. We’re all so crazed around the holidays, but the next weeks and months are crucial for getting Rewilding into the hands of poets and poetry lovers. And, if Oprah calls …  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Happy Holidays!


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