Today after a long hiatus, I submitted poems at a Submittathon. MP Carver set us up for 9 a.m.-1 p.m. She describes the group-sending of poems and stories as "a community event designed to get Salem State voices and creative works out into the publishing world. We'll have people there to help first timers learn the ins and outs of submitting (including cover letters, finding journals, etc).  For those with experience submitting work for publication, it's a dedicated time to focus on sending out your work. There will be snacks and prizes as well!" Jill McDonough is the first poet I know to do this. We're just following in her literary footsteps.

I was on the early side, but 12 people showed up with laptops and poems to send their poems into the world. This is the second time I've participated. The first time  (in May, or was it last December?), I didn't have anything to submit. I'm coming off of one of the worst writing droughts I've ever had. As someone who likes to grind it out, I think I've written maybe 20 poems in two years. My math may be off, however. When I look at my Poetry 2018 file, there are at least 50 poems. I have enough for a terrible manuscript. But I do have a few gems that need a little polish. Just getting them into the light is a big step.

Despite the end-of-the-year grading crush, I am making time to write. I'm starting to feel like my old poetic self, so to speak. Flow is still illusive for me, but there's something honest and holy about putting my butt in a chair, and not getting up until I have a sad little draft.


Lissa Clouser said…
A Submittathon is a BRILLIANT idea. I love it. That's definitely been the part I've been floundering on. I have some work I am ready and willing to send out... but every time I sit down to work on submitting it just feels overwhelming, even though I'm familiar with the game. Maybe I'll pull myself together for my own little submittathon this month.

I hope you're able to find your 'flow' again soon. May the holidays and new year bring you lots of new writing!
Suzanne's Mom said…
Very good concept. Should give courage to the timid.
Best of luck,
Suzanne's Mom
January said…
I like the idea of a group support system every now and then for encouragement. And a reminder for all of us to keep writing and publishing throughout the year.

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