Dodge THIS!

Finally! After all the blog posts and jibba jabba, it's finally here! Unfortunately, it's raining in Massachusetts (read: long commute), and Ella just couldn't sleep, which means I didn't sleep.

No matter! I will at Dodge Poetry Festival today thru Sunday. Please check in tomorrow and Sunday for the the insider's view of the largest poetry festival in North America.

(Thanks and an apology to those who left comments about my Poetry Thursday poem. Sorry I haven't been very good about reciprocating.)

And a quick shout-out to Lynn at Sprigs (welcome back), and Jim Brock at Pictures that Got Small (thinking of you this weekend).

Holla back!


bb said…
Have a great time, Jan! can't wait to read all about it :-)
twitches said…
Have fun! Come back with a full report!
Rhea said…
Just wanted to say hi, as I see you are also from Mass. I live in Boston.

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