Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Language of Life

Today's random act of poetry takes me back to one of the reasons I discovered the Dodge Poetry Festival in the first place.

Back in '96, Journalist Bill Moyers put together a PBS series, book, and audio recording of the festival. The Language of Life is "... a celebration of the vitality of the spoken word ..." In the book, 32 poets talk about their lives as poets, poetry as craft, and a few of their own works.

Never saw the special when it originally aired, but I do have the cassette set, and an audio download also is available. While the audio focuses exclusively on top-tier poets, it does give you a sense of what the festival is like with crowd voices and the occasional novice reading some of his/her works.

Swing by your local library and check out this anthology. And when you do, remember: I'll be at Dodge this weekend. Visit the blog on Saturday for pictures, posts, and more!


bb said...

i'm staying tuned :-)

you're certainly making me think that i should be having a poetry adventure of my own too....

January said...

Maybe you should, BB. Instead of waiting for something to happen, make something happen--and then tell us all about it!

Bug said...

I'll definitely search around for the audio of that! I love listening to this kind of stuff. AND HAVE A GREAT TIME AT DODGE! Can't wait to hear about it!

Catherine said...

I have this anthology - picked it up on a remainder table - I think it's great. There is another one with the same editor, "Fooling with Words". I love the insight it gives into the poets' thought processes.


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