How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

20 Things I Love About Tim

(Yes, I could have called the list 1000 Things I Love About Tim, but I had to cap the list somewhere.)

  1. I love that we met in New Orleans in 1996 at F&M Patio Bar. You asked your best friend talk to one of my friends, so you could talk to me.

  2. I love that our first dance was on top of a pool table. Ahhh … memories!

  3. Even though I lived in NYC and you lived outside of Boston at the time, you would drive 3½ hours to visit, sometimes within a 24-hour period.

  4. I love that because you introduced me to the Boston Red Sox, you come to poetry readings and plays with me.

  5. I love that I was right about how great a father you’d be.

  6. You are always the smartest one in the room. And, your natural ability and curiosity makes you a lifelong learner.

  7. My mother always said that I should either have a lot of ambition or marry someone who does—I lucked out on both accounts. Never have I been more certain of that as when you stared your own business last year. I love that with careful thought and planning, you decided to take a chance. Most important, you’re running your business debt-free, which means your business will grow a little slower, but you’ll never put our family at risk financially.

  8. I love that you taught our son how to make a toast. Gives me great pleasure to watch you two clink glasses. You say, “Cheers!” He says, “To Health!” I don’t even think he knows what that means.

  9. I love that in bed you rub your feet together to help fall asleep.

  10. I love your kisses.

  11. I love that you give me enough room to be myself.

  12. I love that being an interracial couple has never been an issue for us, and we’ve managed to surround ourselves with people who accept us without question.

  13. I love watching Ella pull herself up using your leg to steady herself. It’s comforting to know you’ll always be there for her.

  14. I know you think about your father often, who passed a year before we were married. But I think if he were here, he’s tell you how proud he is of you, and how he couldn’t have asked for a better son.

  15. I love that you have strong opinions about politics, and while we don’t always agree, you keep putting those ideas out there.

  16. You cook, clean, and change diapers.

  17. You are in denial about your bald spot.

  18. I love the way your mind works. You look at problems from all sides and try to find the most equitable solution for everyone.

  19. I love that you are extremely helpful to our neighbors. You are the one cutting grass in the summer and snowblowing in the winter. You are a throwback to how it used to be when people could depend on one another in times of need.

  20. You never give up.

    Happy Anniversary, Tim. Here’s hoping the next 55 years are as good as the first five.

    I love you.


Deb R said…
What a wonderful list. It made me feel warm-hearted and teary-eyed. HappyHappy Anniversary to you both and here's wishing you many, many more.
January said…
Thanks Deb. These photos were taken with a video camera in low light. Sorry they are so dark and grainy.
Susannah said…
Happy anniversary to you both - that was such a lovely list... xx
twitches said…
Bug said…
What a great anniversary present! I loved the one about helping the neighbors. I don't know Tim, but your list makes me want to get to know him! Happy anni!
ecm said…
What a fantastic tribute! Happy anniversary and may you have much love in all the years to follow as well.
bb said…
such a beautiful list - you are blessed to have each other and you honour this here, how wonderful!

many happy returns :-)
chiefbiscuit said…
Congratulations and many many returns! To an adoring and adorable couple!
Kamsin said…
Happy Anniversary! A lovely list, and seems like Tim's a great guy, and a lucky one to have you!
wendy said…
I am proud of you..both. Marriage is a journey...sometimes hard, sometimes a breeze. Congrats on your good work so far..This list was such an honest tribute!
Alex said…
Happy Anniversary you too!!! Wow, has it been five years already? I loved your list Jan.It's so heartfelt. I haven't seen you in awhile Tim but I don't think you have a bald spot buddy!
deirdre said…
Happy Anniversary to you both.

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