Top 10 Tips for Writing the Perfect (or not-so-perfect) Poem

From our friends across the pond at Poets United.

1. Observe well
2. Carry a notebook to jot down thoughts
3. Read poetry to improve your poems
4. Read your poems out to experience how they sound
5. Use all your senses – not just the five we're told about at school
6. Simple thoughts simply expressed can have a profound impact
7. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy
8. Don't be afraid to experiment
9. Try not to stick to just one form of poetry
10. Practice, practice, practice

Full (yet short) article from Peterborough Today online.


gkgirl said…
thanks for posting this...
it makes sense.

January said…
Yes, very basic poetry advice. The one I forget to do, and probably the most important, is #2.
Bug said…
Love em! and I think they apply equally well to prose!
twitches said…
Cool. Thanks!

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