Fish Plate

Yesterday, I was at my mother-in-law's house clearing away some items when she came across this fish plate. Odd, isn't it? The set includes at least 10 smaller dinner plates and maybe a serving dish or two.

At first I thought I'd post the pictures on EBay. But my husband has since fallen in love with them. *sigh* He wants to display them in the house. *big sigh*

***The following is from Mr. Poet Mom.***

The plates were hand painted on Austrian made china by my Aunt Alice's first cousin Catherine in the early 1920s. The cod, as everyone knows, played a significant role in developing and sustaining the American economy when it was just starting out. It greatly impacted the fishing, trading, boat building, and
import/export industries.

***End Mr. Poet Mom's commentary****

No one in the family thinks that's a cod. In fact, anatomically we're not sure what kind of fish it is. But I guess we're keeping the set. I'm all for honoring tradition, but really, where am I going to display a fish plate?


I am so excited you are a new PT columnist! I will actually go there and read it on days other than Thursday now! Yeay!
Sky said…
on the wall of HIS bathroom!

G said…
You know what? I really like that platter! It's so different and cool and full of personality. I wouldn't display them, I'd use them!
bostonerin said…
I have a fear of fish-related dinnerware. Someone gave us a Gurgling Cod pitcher for a wedding gift--it's SO SCARY. It's a fish-shaped pitcher that gurgles at you when you pour the water. It's WRONG, I tell you. WRONG.

Do you want go with the scary plates?
January said…
Erin ... tempting. NOT!

Would you like my fish plates to justify the gurgling cod pitcher?

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