New Music

I'm on a quest for new music to soothe and/or rev up my poetic soul. My last download was Beth Orton from iTunes Essentials--phenomenal! My tastes are pretty eclectic but lately I've wanted to branch out into world music.

Last 12 songs in rotation on my iPod:

Being a Girl, Van Hunt
Sex Machine, James Brown
SexyBack, Justin Timberlake
Love Train, The O’Jays
Cannonball, The Breeders
FutureSex/LoveSounds, Justin Timberlake (Okay, I’m starting to see a theme here.)
I Should Get Up, Teddy Thompson
In Heaven, FatBoy Slim
Shock the Monkey, Peter Gabriel
Unbreakable, Alicia Keys
Bang and Blame, REM
True Love Part II, X

So, what are you listening to on your iPods and CD players (or 8-tracks, if that's how you roll)?


Kamsin said…
I love Beth Orton! Anyway, your post kind of makes me want to head over to iTunes and download some new stuff!
Bug said…
I'm obsessed with The Weepies. They were a local band, but have since moved to CA. (which reminds me that i meant to bring that madonna CD you lent me to our gathering. Next time!) They're folky, not unlike Beth Orton, who I also love.
Angie said…
I am all over the board. Right now I have Lucinda Williams, Amy Winehouse, the Offramps, Wilco and Jeff Buckley in my car's player.

I have an honest question here: why does everyone seem to like that Timberlake song? Is it that everyone likes him, or his music? Or both? I really am curious; I'm surprised to see him mentioned so often. Have never listened to the song.
Anonymous said…
i'm also pretty ecclectic with my taste ...

My current favorite is Blue October's "Into the Ocean." alternative. .... "I want to swim away but don't know how. sometimes it feels just like i'm falling in the ocean. ... let the rain of what i feel right now come down." it's kind of a song that affirms for me being in a funk. and i'm in a funk so it makes me feel not so very lonely. and that's a good thing if you like been there/done that type music.

other current stuff: dixie chicks "not ready to make nice"; linkin park "breaking the habit"; mary chapin carpenter has a fairly new album (always good stories there) ...
Emily said…
I just saw Tracy Grammer, a folk singer, in a concert and I especially liked her song Hey Ho. I also like the Indigo Girls newest album...I think it's called Despite our Differences.
Ugh - every morning for the past three mornings, to pep me up, has been:

Irreplaceable, Beyonce
Say it Right, Nelly Furtado
Lose My Breath, Destiny's Child
Ain't No Other Man, Christina Aguilera
Fortress Around Your Heart, Sting (I have no idea why this makes the pep list)

And somehow, when I screech out the notes Beyonce hits with such ease I feel like a superstar. I think it's the lyrics: only in that song will I allow "in a minute" to be rhymed with "in a minute" and think it is really, really good.

ps: Angie: I love the JT album because he's a good singer, and if you like a nice beat, the whole album's pretty infectious that way. I'm a fan of the bonus single you only get if you download it from iTunes...
January said…
Beth Orton, Lucinda Williams, Beyonce, Dixie Chicks--these artists take up a lot of space on my iPod.

How cool is it that we are not just bound together by poetry and blogging, but music too!

Looking forward to downloading The Weepies, Amy Winehouse, the Offramos, Blue October, Tracy Grammer, among others.

Keep those suggestions comin'!
January said…
Angie, truth be told, I have a thing for JT. But I do think he's a really talented singer and dancer.

This weekend, I'll post my favorite live JT performance from YouTube--I think it will explain a lot.
chiefbiscuit said…
I really should listen to more music but when I get home from work I value the silence so much I can't bear to spoil it. When I do listen to music - usually on a sunny Saturday - it's often got a country flavour to it. Although Joni Mitchell - my all-time favourite forever - isn't country. But she's deep. (Both Janis Joplin and Kris Kristofferson's versions of 'Me and Bobby McGee' are also a fav. of mine.) But I've got about a hundred others too ... :)

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