The Jan Spot

Run, don't walk, to the Poetry Thursday site and read the first installment of my new column called "The Jan Spot."

You'll be glad you did.


Alex said…
You're rigth! i read the article and now I'm glad.
bostonerin said…
yay!! I loved the article--and that gorgeous head shot. ; )

You've already earned yourself a Poetry Thursday following. Good job!
deirdre said…
Congrats! Even though I've only participated in PT once or twice, I keep going back for inspiration. And the new website is stunning. I'm glad you're doing the monthly column. Yay you!
Anonymous said…
you are BIG TIME! great to see you in lights-il pass along along Take a Poet to Lunch idea. However, how bout the other way around..."Poet take a non-poet/future poet to lunch Day." It CAN happen.
Brian said…
I went.
I saw.
I read.
I am inspired.
January said…
Thanks for the support everyone.

If you have ideas for my next article, please let me know.
bostonerin said…
Article ideas:

-making time for poetry--reading and writing
-who are some of the best "low profile" poets right now
-revision strategies
-new places to look for inspiration

(can you tell I don't want to do any of my OWN work right now)
January said…
Good suggestions, Erin! Hmmmm. If you don't want to do your work, feel free to do mine!
FatCharlatan said…
Woo-hoo, PoetMom! Just read your column--great ideas! I like Erin's are some others to noodle with:

1. For the poetry bookshelf--what are some books every poet should have on his or her shelf (they don't all necessarily need to be books of poetry, either...they could be special reference/style books etc).

2. Top five hottest poetry magazines/journals to submit to with submission guidelines..

3. A look back at the last four or five poet laureates and what they've done for poetry...conclude with the current goings-on of Donald Hall.

Have fun! Looking forward to reading your column.
Bug said…
SO exciting! I can't wait to hear more about it this weekend. As for story ideas... maybe a primer on some of the different types of poetry? (For those of us who didn't study poetry in school. I was fascinated when I recently learned about the vilenelle (sp?) form.) Maybe a first person account of how you've come up with the ideas behind some of your poems?

This is HUGE! You must be so excited!!
Cate said…
Congrats. on your column--I walked away feeling completely inspired! xo

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