Confession Tuesday

So, if you're in the U.S., are you enjoying the summer? Is it living up to expectations or somewhere deep inside did you hope for more? And how has the weather affected your plans?

On this Confession Tuesday, I want to know how you're doing. Maybe it all boils down to this: Are you happy?

Am I happy? Overall, yes. But the weather has definitely affected my mood. Summer is too short in New England, especially with all the rain we've been having. I mean, it's August and 61 degrees outside—what's up with that?


Work has been incredibly stressful this summer. I don't talk about work often on the blog because I like keeping my work-life separate. But the long, summer hours are dampening my writing efforts. I wonder if I had the time to devote to poetry without having to worry about money, would I do it? Would I actually write and publish more? Probably not.


Last night, as I was struggling to finish a poem, I realized that I do my best work at midnight. Unfortunately, I get up at 5 a.m. to work out before heading to the office. Writing when the house is dark and quite does wonders for my creativity, but leaves me dog-tired the next day.


I did not go to the gym this morning because I was exhausted! *smile*


My mom's birthday is Sunday and I have no idea what to get her for a present. She has everything she needs so its hard finding something she wants. There, I've confessed! A little help on present ideas would be nice, mom.


odessa said…
am i happy? i guess it depends on the day. but i am mostly happy. and yes, the weather definitely plays a huge part on my mood. thanks for asking.

re: gift for mom, how about a gift certificate for a facial, massage, or mani/pedi? then maybe both of you can go together for some girly pampering.

p.s. no confession for me today i was too busy with my blog makeover. but i did write 28 things about me last sunday, so maybe that counts. :)
chicklegirl said…
I am happy. But the last week has been a challenge. And now I'm sick! Here are my confessions.

I like O'dessa's ideas about pampering gifts. I did a spa day with my mom a few years back (our birthdays are three days apart) and it was so nice to relax together. Also, I like the idea of gift certificates for a place that someone really likes; I don't think it's impersonal to give a gift certificate if a lot of thought went into where to get it from! (but that may just be me.)
January said…
I wish my mom lived closer so I could take her out for a mother-daughter day. We haven't had mani'pedi's together in years.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Glad you both are happy (and feeling better!)
Ananda said…
i am happy... that is a great question to reflect on. i am happy in this moment. i am thinking of all of things i have to be grateful for. so much love, creativity, and community. i am thankful. it is a blessing to have time to read your blog and reconnect after so many weeks of not being able to visit your creative corner of the blog world.
January said…
Now it's my turn to come by and visit, Ananda, after being away much too long.

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