Confession Tuesday

The dog days of summer are upon us. Bet you've got some confessions bubbling up inside you. No need to hold back. Share your confessions here or on your blog, and be sure to check out those of the confessors. If you'd like to officially join The Confessional, let me know.

Last week I had strep throat. Didn't tell anyone beyond my husband. Just too busy to stop. Treated it with antibiotics from my last bout of strep. I'm through the worst of it, and while I usually blame my disease-carrying children for illnesses, I attribute this outbreak to stress.


Missed Ella's third year checkup because I was too busy to go. My husband took the kids this morning. She's fine, and it all worked out. I'm feeling a lot of mommy guilt about this because I had to work. And I like seeing the pediatrician—it's validation for me: "See how well my kids are doing." I like watching Ella step on the scale and knowing the empirical, firsthand evidence that she is off-the-charts great, even though I know this. But not taking Ella is yet another example of how busy my life is. Makes me think my priorities are "effed up."


I've been swearing a lot, another sign that my priorities are out of whack.


For dinner last night, I made the best g.d. (I'm swearing again) crab cakes. If there's one thing I can do well, it's crab cakes--light with plenty of crab meat. Not much breading. Yummy! They were so good my daughter said, "This is the best dinner I've ever had, mama."

I rock!


On the poetry tip, I'm still psyched about reading at my college's inauguration.


Not much in the way of writing lately. In fact, I worked on Sunday instead of taking my usual "me time" at Starbucks to write. Like my exercise routine, I hope to get back on track this week. My plan is to write two poems before the end of the month.


Catherine said…
Ummm, January ...why did you have antibiotics left from your last bout of strep throat? Over here they prescribe a course that is supposed to be finished, not stopped when you feel a little better and still have some. Not finishing them all is what breeds antibiotic resistant bacteria.
And, they go off in time. It sounds as if you treated two bouts of strep throat with half a course of antibiotics each time. I feel for you, being so busy. But please, make time to see the doctor when you are ill (and if it is really strep throat, which needs a lab test to confirm, you are at risk of developing rheumatic fever if it's not properly treated. Which you definitely don't want)

I'd confess, but I'm just too busy this week.
January said…
Hi Catherine. Duly noted.

I'm rarely sick, and as someone who considers herself health conscious, I'm a little surprised myself at not seeing a doctor. But as I said, I'm feeling better--I'm through the worst of it.

Thanks for your concern.
odessa said…
i was gonna say the same thing about antibiotics but catherine beat me to it. anyways, glad you're doing better now.

yay for crabcakes! i'm not much of a cook so i give you all props for this despite your rather busy schedule. others would simply buy take-out.

no confessions for me, just some pictures. its the first week of school and work is all kinds of crazy!!!
Catherine said…
Glad you're feeling better. It may not have been strep throat, which is usually severe enough to send you to bed with a raging temperature, quite unable to carry on regardless.
Goodnight, Mom said…

Glad you're feeling better! I had a tough, tough day at work today. So bad, I'm just going to bed. Can't even write anything. Too depressed. Will confess tomorrow when I'm in a better mood...sigh....
January said…
Oooh. That bad, KDB? Sorry to hear it. Call me in the morning.

Y'know, we can always call T and have the bad people "taken care of."
Anonymous said…
been missing you! i've been off the blog for a bit due to vacation and stuff, but i'm really more of a fall chick than a summer chick and hope to be doing more writing now and keeping up with my pals!
January said…
Well, Carolee, you have been busy lately!

Tell me, do you think you'll attend the Dodge Festival in NJ this month?

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