Confession Tuesday

Confess. You know the drill.

This is sad. It’s after 11 p.m., and I’m in bed on my laptop watching the Olympics, blogging, and I have two chats going on simultaneously. *sigh*


I have spent a lot of time watching what my friends call “televised crack,” aka The Olympics. It’s so easy to get sucked into the drama, but I’ve always loved the games and what they represent on a global level—the best of the best brought together in fair competition. Yes, the ages of the Chinese female gymnasts are suspect, but the sport is still exciting to watch. And the Michael Phelps story—how could you not get drawn into history in the making?


This past Saturday, Tim and I had a rare evening out, sans kids (woo hoo). We went to a Red Sox game (they lost), and after, we went to a local bar. When the Phelps relay race came on, the band stopped playing and the bartender turned up the TV volume. Yet you couldn’t hear it because the crowd kept shouting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” It was a very cool moment.


I want abs like Dara Torres. Oh, to look that good when I turn 40 next year is my goal. Of course, I don’t swim so getting that swimmer’s body may be an uphill battle.


What is up with all of the beach volleyball coverage? I’d rather watch judo or fencing than four people playing volleyball in the sand.


Today, we received a letter from Alex’s new school telling us what to expect at the start of the semester. In September, preschool begins for my baby! He'll need a backpack, change of clothes, and family pictures to share with his class. The letter also told us what he should bring for lunches and snacks since this is a nut-free school (love that phrase “nut-free!”). But to think of my little one as a school-aged boy is just amazing. How did we get here?

Note to self: take first day of school off from work.


On the poetry front … well … no poetry but lots of good stuff happening in the next few months. There are several poetry events that I plan on attending, not as a reader but strictly to listen and enjoy. As much poetry as I write and read, I truly enjoy hearing others share their works. Details to come in the next few weeks.


Lastly, my coworker and friend—let’s call him “Ed”—is leaving this week to begin the next chapter in his life in another country. Ed also designed my book cover so I am very sad to see him go for many reasons. Fortunately, he'll be back before the book is published, which means he'll be around to share in the book's (dare I say) success.

There are people in this world that I am glad to have known and you are right up there, my friend. I’ve done a very good job of holding it together so here’s hoping I don’t turn into a blubbering idiot when you leave. XOXO.


Catherine said…
I have to confess to watching the Olympics too. Especially on Saturday night when I stayed up really late watching the New Zealand rowers and cyclists haul in medals - in total, five medals in one day for a country with the population of Wyoming. All of New Zealand is pretty stoked about that!
Today my boss declared a coffee break so we could watch the triathlon final (we work from his home so there is a TV on hand) where NZ won bronze.
Catherine said…
Oh yes, as for looking good at 40, NZ board sailor Barbara Kendall is on her fifth Olympics!
odessa said…
i just wrote my olympics version of confession tuesday, so we must be on the same "televised crack". hehe.

i personally believe that some of the chinese female gymnasts are underage. but hey, innocent until proven guilty, so what can you do?

i'm with you, i *so* want that swimmer's abs. and did you see michael phelps' abs? holy smokes!
Goodnight, Mom said…
Well, you know my situation with the olympics. Crack is whack!

AND as I told you, I wanted to shoot someone when I was up at 2am with Jack and had to watch two hours of beach volleyball. ugh.

Can't believe that Alex is off to school. DEFINITELY take the day off. You will be sobbing your little face off with your pal in Dallas doing the same thing... somewhere out there....
Catherine said…
Strange that there's a minimum age for gymnasts but not for swimmers. There was a female swimmer from Cameroon who's only 12.
Time zones here mean that if we are up at 2 a.m. (which I'm not, there are a whole lot better things to watch than the beach volleyball. Such as track and field. Give me a straight race where you can easily see who's out in front, over team sports, any day.
chicklegirl said…
So far I've managed a crack-free (and Olympics-free) week, but only because I've been immersed with other... addictions. Yeah.

Here are my confessions.

Oh, and I agree with what others have suggested for Alex's first day of school. It's probably going to be harder on you than on him!
chicklegirl said…
Oops--yeah, that was your idea to stay home. Just late. Need. To. Go. To. Bed.
January said…
I'm definitely looking forward to Alex's start of school--in less than two week!


Thanks Chicklegirl--I will read your confessions today.
January said…
Catherine, that's interesting about the swimmers--12 years old seems awfully young to be competing at this level.

And thanks for your comments about the NZ atheletes. I'll have to find video online about their victories. Hurray!
January said…
Odessa, the swimming was amazing this year. And now that the track and field events are on I can't wait to see those atheletes breaking records.

Kristi, I don't think there's any way I can miss Alex's first day of school. *sniff *sniff* Our little boys are growing up so fast.

I'll be by today to read confessions.

Thanks everyone!

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